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The Kevin Eikenberry Group

Remarkable Leaders Value the Power of Trust Teleseminar

By The Kevin Eikenberry Group

Access to a live one hour teleseminar, a handout and access to a recording and a transcript after the call. Join Kevin on March 2 and 6 pm ET for your special access to his members-only call discussing the importance of trust - and how to build more of it in your working relatioships.

A $79.00 value.

We will contact you via email about this Bonus.

Dianna Booher

Creating Personal Presence: Look, Talk, Think, and Act Like a Leader

By Dianna Booher

Want to be engaging, persuasive, credible, and classy? Bestselling author Dianna Booher provides specific down-to earth guidance on how to say the right thing at the right time and leave unsaid the wrong thing at the emotional moment. The book reveals how to develop physical presence, think strategically, cut through the clutter, and demonstrate competence in ways that lead to success in many areas of life and work.

A $125.00 value.

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Guy Harris

7 Secrets for Resolving Personal Workplace Conflict

By Guy Harris

The top 7 secrets for resolving personal workplace conflict presented as an audio program that you can listen to online. You can also download the files to burn a CD or load on your MP3 player.

A $27.00 value.

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Jim Canterucci

7 Essentials for Emerging Leaders - video enhanced special report

By Jim Canterucci

This special report describes in written and video form 7 essentials crucial for the success of emerging leaders - from the person vying for the CEO role to the first time manager.

A $99.00 value.

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The Kevin Eikenberry Group

How to Get the Most Out of Your New Book Teleseminar

By The Kevin Eikenberry Group

Join the authors for this live 45 minute teleseminar 2/28/11 at 8 pm ET to help you determine the best possible strategies for using and applying this book - for yourself - or within your organization! This live session will allow you to ask your specific questions about the book as well. You will also have access to a recording of the call inside the Bud to Boss Community.

A $59.00 value.

We will contact you via email about this Bonus.

Meredith Bell

Strong for Leadership eBook and Coach the People You Care About eBook

By Meredith Bell

Strong for Leadership includes 400 inspirational quotes with insights and encouragements for dealing with the daily challenges of leadership. And in the Coaching ebook you`ll discover how to use the four power coaching skills.

A $37.00 value.

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Bud Bilanich

Success Tweets: 140 Bits of Common Sense Career Success Advice, all in 140 Characters or Less

By Bud Bilanich

You will learn how to… * Develop a crystal clear purpose and direction for your life and career. * Commit to taking personal responsibility for your life and career. * Build unshakeable self confidence. * Create positive personal impact – impress anybody and everybody. * Become an outstanding performer in any field you choose. * Become a dynamic communicator – in conversation, in writing and in presentations. * And MUCH, MUCH more!

A $20.00 value.

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Eva Gregory

Wake up to the Dream - NOW

By Eva Gregory

HOW TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS A REALITY NOW! Now you can join thousands of others who have taken the steps toward creating more success in their lives. How committed are you to making your dreams a reality today? What would it be worth to you to be on your way to actualizing your dreams within the next 90 days?

A $695.00 value.

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The Kevin Eikenberry Group

Ask the Authors Live Teleseminar

By The Kevin Eikenberry Group

Join Kevin and Guy for an ask-them-anything-you-wish live tele-seminmar! You will have the ability to submit your questions ahead of time, and they will answer them on this live call. Mark your calendars for March 21 at 8 pm ET (we'll email you registration info closer to the call). You will have access to ask your questions, participate in the live call, and listen to the recording afterwards within the Bud to Boss Community.

A $79.00 value.

We will contact you via email about this Bonus.

Jeanna Gabellini

Transforming From Chaotic Entrepreneur to Conscious Leader

By Jeanna Gabellini

It’s high time you stopped settling for results in your business that don’t thrill you. Learn the 5 Keys to Pinpointing the Right Prescription for What Ails Your Business. Here’s what you will learn in this audio: 1. How to pinpoint the cause vs the symptoms of what is slowing your business progress 2. The simple truth - where every business owner needs to start in the solution implementation process 3. How to change your business attitude when you feel like you’ve done it all before and more!

A $20.00 value.

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Brook Noel

7 Day Challenge Audio and Workbook

By Brook Noel

Subscribe to my free newsletters & get my free Challenge Workshop as a great way to jumpstart positive change in your life. I will introduce you to the key concepts that tens of thousands of women have used to improve their lives. In this 45 minute audio and accompanying handout, I walk you step-by-step through six proven strategies to help you get more done, experience more joy, and make the most of each day. If you have any thoughts, or questions, visit my Make Today Matter Facebook page.

A $29.00 value.

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RainToday .com

How To Develop a Value Proposition That Sells Kit

By RainToday .com

With actionable advice you can apply immediately to your business, How to Develop A Value Proposition That Sells Kit is designed specifically to help professional services firms grow their business by developing a value proposition that opens doors, wins new clients, and helps you achieve premium pricing. The kit includes: * 38-minute presentation, How to Build a Value Proposition that Sells Like Crazy * Value Proposition Workbook: How to Develop a Value Proposition

A $97.00 value.

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Joe Rubino

7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem and Success Club FREE Membership

By Joe Rubino

Dr. Joe Rubino, CEO of is the acclaimed author of “The Self-Esteem Book: The Ultimate Guide to Boost the Most Underrated Ingredient for Success and Happiness in Life.” Download the “7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem Audio” and receive a complimentary Success Achievers’ Club Membership and create soaring self-esteem, abundance, happiness, rich relationships and your dream life. ($129 Value, Yours Free)

A $129.00 value.

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John Spence

Strategies For Success

By John Spence

The workbook from the "Advanced Life Skills" course I have taught at a number of Fortune 500 firms and at more than 50 colleges and universities.

A $25.00 value.

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Warren Whitlock

How To Becom a Best-Selling Author

By Warren Whitlock

Warren Whitlock has help hundreds of authors take their book from idea to best seller. He`ll tell how becoming a best seller can be the best thing you ever do for your career, and how to get there.

A $197.00 value.

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Relly Nadler

Emotional Intelligence Tools

By Relly Nadler

Dr. Relly Nadler, author of leading with Emotional Intelligence is a psychologist ad master level executive coach. He has offered up two EI assessments, 3 MP3 interviews and a PDF e book. These tools will help you move into the top 10%.

A $75.00 value.

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Dr. Rae Baum

StressTracker Plus

By Dr. Rae Baum

A way to track stress indicators (symptoms) and stressors (causes) with a complimentary online consultation to locate the relationship between the two. Plus... some current projects!

A $398.00 value.

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Eliot Hoppe

Webinar - Decoding the Emotions in Others!

By Eliot Hoppe

Body Language Communication - It`s no secret that what isn`t said accounts for between 60-90 percent of the overall message when we communicate with each other. Through body movements, gestures and facial expressions, we reveal the true inner emotion of how we really feel, regardless of the spoken words. Join us for this informative webinar on decoding others as we interpret several different gestures and reveal what they truly mean.

A $79.00 value.

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Mike Robbins

The Power of Appreciation – Audio Program

By Mike Robbins

One of the most powerful, yet overlooked aspects of success and fulfillment is the power of appreciation. In order to fulfill your true purpose, and create genuine happiness in your life, appreciation of yourself, others, and life itself is essential. In this audio program, bestselling author Mike Robbins illustrates exactly how appreciation impacts your success and fulfillment, as well as those around you. He uses specific examples and offers valuable techniques that truly make a difference.

A $20.00 value.

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Michael Beck

The Art of Eliciting Excellence - the essence of leadership

By Michael Beck

Eliciting Excellence ~ the essence of leadership This leadership report asks and answers two questions: 1. Why does better leadership make a difference? , and 2. How does better leadership achieve those differences? We all know we’re “supposed” to work to be better leaders, but why does it matter, what impact does it have, and how does this all work?

A $20.00 value.

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William  Powell

Personal Ecology - The Leadership Advisor

By William  Powell

If we`re not leading the person in the mirror very well, we will struggle leading others. Self awareness and learning to lead yourself are primary pre-requisites for effective and successful leadership. In Personal Ecology, you will gain amazing insight into what it takes to know and lead yourself well...from the inside out; not just merely changing your behaviors. This book isn`t static knowledge. It`s a practical guide to developing an action plan for amazing self leadership!

A $9.00 value.

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Eldon  Taylor

Free Book Excerpt Download and Free Audio Download

By Eldon  Taylor

The NY Times best-selling book, Choices and Illusions holds an important key. Whether you are interested in the science of thinking and beliefs, how your own mind works, how others control your thoughts, why things just don`t work out in your life, or how you can realize your true potential, Choices and Illusions provides insights for all. Enjoy a free book excerpt and a special bonus gift, a free InnerTalk MP3 "High Self Esteem”. The value may be $27.95, but the benefits are priceless.

A $28.00 value.

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The Kevin Eikenberry Group

Buy 10-24 Copies and get . . .Ten CDs of the Teleseminar of Your Choice

By The Kevin Eikenberry Group

You pick which of the bonus teleseminars below you would like physical CD copies of, and we will custom print them and mail them to you after the event takes place. Bulk bonuses will be redeemed through direct contact with us - information will be provided in your confirmation email.

A $490.00 value.

We will contact you via email about this Bonus.

The Kevin Eikenberry Group

Buy 25-49 copies & you get 4 Annual Subscriptions to the Insider newsletter

By The Kevin Eikenberry Group

The Insider is the member`s only printed and mailed newsletter of the Kevin Eikenberry Group. Each issue is 12 pages packed with ideas, tools and inspiration to help you become a better leader. Some call this a Workshop in my Mailbox! Full subscription rate is $29 a month. The value listed here is based on a reduced rate of $19/month. Bulk bonuses will be redeemed through direct contact with us - information will be provided in your confirmation email.

A $912.00 value.

We will contact you via email about this Bonus.

The Kevin Eikenberry Group

Buy 50-99 copies and you get . . . a Customized Webinar!

By The Kevin Eikenberry Group

When you purchase 50-99 copies, you earn a consultation with Guy or Kevin and a 45 minute webinar designed specifically for your organization`s needs.

A $1,500.00 value.

We will contact you via email about this Bonus.

The Kevin Eikenberry Group

Buy 100+ books and you get . . . A Remarkable Choice!

By The Kevin Eikenberry Group

With your purchase of 100 or more books, you will receive your choice of: All of the previous bulk bonuses - valued at over $2902 or 3 Remarkable Leadership 360 Assessments with coaching - valued at $3750. or 3 one year Silver memberships in the Remarkable Leadership Learning System - valued at $4485..

A $4,485.00 value.

We will contact you via email about this Bonus.

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